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Site Speed Test for Web Page BottleNecks!

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Site Speed Testing with PingDom!

Does your Weblog load slowly? Are you looking at the words Loading… Loading… Loading, or that little spinning wheel that your browser uses for showing a slow loading page? A while ago, my blog was this little spinning wheel until I discovered a website to help me find out what was bringing my site to a crawl.

Load Time Test of ALL Page Elements to Find Bottlenecks!

If you would like to find out the loading time of your site and what might be slowing it down, run a site speed analysis test with PingDom!

This FREE tool will test the loading time and analyze pages of your site to find performance robbing bottlenecks. Once you find out where these bottlenecks are, eliminate them unless they are crucial for bringing traffic to your site, or are a must for the operation of your business.

Below is the latest speed loading time for a site I had 2 years ago. Thanks to this online tool, I have brought my loading time below 3 seconds on the average. I have one more bottleneck that I am working on which should bring my times down to under 2.5 seconds for a full page load.

PingDom Site Speed seoblogoptimizer Test

In the beginning of January, I wrote an article about how your website’s loading speed is being used in the Google Ranking Algorithm. In this article I stated how much fun I was having with my blog because of all the awesome plug-ins and widgets I added to my sidebar to make it more interesting for the readers.

What I wasn’t putting into consideration is how much more information I was adding to my site that would slow down the loading times which can quite possibly turn people away.

Since this time, I have taken the loading times of my site more seriously and removed non-crucial plug-ins and widgets, plus made adjustments of images, CSS and other elements to optimize my website for speed.

You’ll be happy to know that PingDom is an uptime monitoring company… in short, you can create an account with them and they will monitor your site and alert you if they detect a problem. If your site happens to go down, they will notify you immediately by email or Short Message Service (SMS).

When you create an account, you will have options for monitoring… you can have your site monitored every 1 minute if you choose, plus they will create tests from many different locations around the world to make sure it’s actually down.

PingDom has free and paid monitoring that will provide you with up-time and performance monitoring reports which makes it easy for website owners to know if their website is working 24/7, and help them find out what’s gone wrong if there is a problem.

Closing Comments About Your Site’s Load Time Testing!

The way I began my campaign to decrease my loading times was to compare my blog to a competitors site using the link that you will find in the article Site Speed Used in Google Ranking Algorithm.

I set my goal super-high, and now my site is loading faster than which was a huge mountain for me to climb. Set yourself a target site-speed loading time to meet, or a competitor to beat using the WhichSiteLoadsFaster link, and don’t stop optimizing your site until you accomplish it.

Because blogs are notorious for loading slowly, doing this will set you apart from your blogging competition, and your followers will thank you for it!

Follow the link to find other great tools to help with your optimizing needs!

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Comments (2)

  1. Karen Marrow says:


    Thanks for sharing this great information. I am not so sure I have a problem with going to my actual blog, but I do when trying to add a new post or look at comments. I suppose this would help with that also?

    Thanks a bunch,


    • JohnEngle says:

      Hey Karen,

      Have you run your site through using this amazing tool yet?

      I ran your site and noticed some photos that are pretty large, that took some time to load… if you have the opportunity to reduce the actual size of these photos then compress them, it will help reduce your loading times!

      Any bar graph that looks long, you can scroll your mouse over the bar and it will show the time it took to load that particular object. If it shows substantial loading times, you can right click the link to its right, then click ‘Open with New Tab’ if you need to take a look at it to see what it actually is.

      Good luck, and thank you for stopping by and commenting.

      John Engle

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